Toy Dog Club South Florida Members Photo Gallery

Breeder: Kim Golfarb  Trio Yorkies Tommy Lee

AM/Can Ch. Durrers Make A Statement Mint
Owner: Kim Golfarb

Prinstein's L.C. INT CH "Jackie O"

Prinstein's L.C. Chihuahua INT CH "Nikki"

Prinstein's L.C. Chihuahua "Buckingham"

~Above Trios Double Mint "Heidi" Owner: Kim Golfarb~ 

~Below: CH Horizon's Zell Bred by: Sandee Cole & Lynn Hoffman  /   Owner: Barbara Anglini~ 

Prinstein's L.C. Chihuahua  INT CH. "Nikki" and pups

Breeder: Lyncrest For Your Eyes Only " Peeper"
Owner: Terri Redstone

AKC/CAN CH. Durrer's Make A Stement at Trio Yorkies
Owner: Kim Golfarb

Owner: Linda Watson & Lyncrest Patina

Lynn Hoffman with Pizazz

Kerri Houston Shih Tzu Breeder

Kerri Houston Shih Tzu Breeder

Lyncrest INT CH. Justus Grace & Glory
Owner: Jeanne Jackson 

Breeder: Lyncrest AKC & INT CH: Pride& Persuasion Owner Mike McCoy and Joy Quigley at Jamie & Elisa Zohrer

    Mike McCoy Owner / Breeder: Lyncrest INT CH. Phlair for Elegance

Int CH. Lyncrest Phlair for Elegance - 8 Puppis

Breeder: Newtopaz Crimson Cosette's 2nd Birthday party at Ronda, Stanley & Ethel Friedlander
Owner: Robin G. Comer

Lebeck's Little Phantom Boy " Rocco"
Owner: Terri Redstone

Prinsteins L.C. Chihuahua "Penny"

Above: Owner: Jaime Zohrer w Breeder: Lynn Hoffman and Suede at a Therapy Dog event
Below: Owner- Elisa Zohrer with Lyncrest Pride & Persuasion "Suede"
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